eWebPortfolio Portfolio Management and Accounting Solution

eWebPortfolio is a native cloud-based, fully integrated portfolio management and accounting software designed to serve the financial services industry. Our platform offers secure global access and complete functionality from anywhere. eWebPortfolio is a software and service provider; we host our proprietary software as well as maintain the complete security database and data links allowing automation of many of the back office operations. eWebPortfolio is available through our ASP+ or for intranet applications. Our clients are investment advisors, broker dealers, financial planners, and other financial institutions

Technology and market demands are rapidly changing the financial services industry, eWebPortfolio is the future of the portfolio management and accounting software industry. A key distinction is, eWebPortfolio is not software that has been cloud-enabled, eWebPortfolio's native cloud-based software was developed and written for 100% functionality over the cloud, our software and services allow secure global access to a powerful yet easy to use portfolio management and accounting system.

eWebPortfolio's ASP+ platform offers un-paralleled functionality making account aggregation a snap; data feeds and interfaces are easily established to automate informational flow. Through this platform eWebPortfolio is the first software and service provider to offer direct access for your clients to their unique portfolio(s) and selected reports.

We offer a full suite of reports designed to meet all your reporting needs, both internal and external, all reports are real-time and updated upon receipt of any relevant data throughout the day; robust portfolio construction, modeling, and rebalancing tools; back office accounting, downloads from custodians or brokers, pricing and corporate actions. These services significantly reduce an investment advisor’s time and cost associated with these operations.

The primary benefits of eWebPortfolio are lower cost, less technical headaches, and perhaps most importantly it allows the investment advisors to focus more time on their clients and managing investments.

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